About us


Hangzhou River Chemical Co., the predecessor of the Provincial Mining Office (now the National Land Agency) subsidiary company of Zhejiang Clay Minerals nonmetallic materials Plant, in 1958 began the development of clay class product development, in 1970, began to study organic bentonite, 80s business of sales, as is the state-owned system, product sales have been relatively slow, by some of the export-oriented; with the deepening of reform, the 2009 restructuring River Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in Hangzhou, the registered capital of 12 million yuan, with many years of accumulated technology and products advantage, the company quickly developed into one of the mainstream, a global supplier of bentonite products. 2012 has been consolidated to upgrade the company's business development model by cross acquisitions, mergers and cooperation.FRGEL® series solvent-based additive products, covering the rheological additives products: organic bentonite, polyamide wax products, polyethylene, microcrystalline wax, hydrogenated castor oil products; SUPBENT® series water additive that contains water rheological agents, water-based nano-functional additives. Organic bentonite product is currently in Zhejiang factory production, while the company set up a research and development center in Europe (UK SHALFORD), product quality and in full compliance with international standards; the company passed ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environmental management system certification, we can ensure that no matter the world where customers can enjoy our quality products and excellent service.In the process of globalization, we always uphold: Wisdom and Faith corporate culture; we are grateful to our partners at home and abroad agree with the concept of tolerance, which allows us to work with both the global market is the combination of steady growth, through our feet on the ground trying to make Chinese traditional culture to take root in multinational companies, but also to ensure the company's continued growth.