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Montmorillonite - ADDEZ® F feed grade

 ADDEZ® F montmorillonite in feed on the following several aspects of the application:ADDEZ® F adsorption, fixed fungal toxins and harmful bacteria functionADDEZ® F montmorillonite pharmacology research indicated, it on Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae, Campylobacter jejuni, Staphylococcus aureus and rotavirus and bile Yandu has better adsorption effect of bacterial toxins; fixed effect; montmorillonite absorption only, fixed surface with a plasmid encoding protein ( CS31 A ) charged pathogen pathogenicity on the surface, with CS31 A of the normal flora of no fixed scavenging, ADDEZ® F montmorillonite inhomogeneous charged so that it can absorb all the digestive tract pathogenic factor.Add the ADDEZ® F montmorillonite has become suitable for large-scale feed anti-mildew measures of preferred. Nano montmorillonite on mycotoxins has strong adsorption, adsorption capacity ( % ) are as follows: 100%; aflatoxin, zearalenone, ochratoxin A, 88%; 72%; 100%; ergotoxine, fumonisins, 91%.A large number of clinical experiments show that feed, adding 0.2% ADDEZ® F montmorillonite enough to solve the problem of mycotoxin in feed, and not in the feed nutrient adsorption.Mucosal protection and repair functionADDEZ® F montmorillonite and gastrointestinal mucus protein electrostatic binding, can increase the volume of mucus and improve and enhance the quality of mucus mucus cohesive force and elasticity, and gastrointestinal mucosal protection and repair effect.ADDEZ® F montmorillonite for various causes of diarrhea are effective, montmorillonite and several drugs on diarrhea curative effect evaluation are as follows:The drug category effect( + effective,- invalid )Bacterial diarrhea virus diarrhea dyspepsia diarrhea flora diarrhea intestinal toxic bowel syndrome ulcerative gastroenteritisAntibiotic + - +Intestinal peristalsis - + + + -Micro ecological agent + - + + - -Montmorillonite + + + + + +ADDEZ® F montmorillonite does not enter the blood, completely ruled out in vitro, no residue, no bacterium virus to its resistance, is the green animal health products.ADDEZ® F montmorillonite can provide a variety of trace elements, for the animal to provide multiple trace elements, but also prolong residence time of feed in the intestine, thus improving feed efficiency.Hemostatic functionADDEZ® F montmorillonite can activate coagulation factor, in the digestive tract using montmorillonite particles surface formed as the core of the blood clot., can also promote vasoconstriction slows down the local blood flow, in piglets born, castration, tail docking, applied to the cord and wound, hemostasis, has accelerated wound healing effect.Anti stress functionIn the before and after weaning nanometer montmorillonite, can effectively reduce the stress response.In piglets when giving column, can be 3 days in advance to take nanometer montmorillonite, can decrease the catch of the shock caused by the stress response, also can reduce the transport stress in dejection.