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Foundry coatings organoclay


Foundry coatings are applied to the surface of molds and cores in metal casting processes to prevent the metal from sticking to the mold or core, to reduce defects and improve surface finish. FRGEL series Organoclay can enhance the performance of these coatings by providing better suspension and dispersion of the coating components, improving the adhesion of the coating to the mold or core, and reducing the amount of smoke and gas emissions during the casting process.

Organoclay can be used in both water-based and solvent-based coatings. In water-based coatings, it can improve the stability and viscosity of the coating, while in solvent-based coatings, it can enhance the thixotropic properties and reduce settling.

Overall, the use of organoclay in foundry coatings can lead to improved casting quality, increased efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.