LUBRICATION > Conventional Organo clay rheological additive FRGEL®150

Conventional Organo clay rheological additive FRGEL®150

Organic derivative bentonite

Solvent based organo clay rheological additive FRGEL®150 it is a super dispersing grade 

FRGEL®150 is an organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive . It is utilized in solvent based systems 
including low to inter mediate polarity range of organic liquids, it is working as a thixotropic 
agent and thickener in paints, inks and adhesives , also good for alcohol-base foundry coating 

1.Typical Properties 

Color: very light cream 

Form: Free flowing powder 

Moisture Content, % : 3.5 Max 

Loss on Ignition, (LOI)% : 37 Max 

Fineness, through No. 200 sieve %: 98 min 

Particle size at complete dispersion: 1um 

2. Advantages : 

Super dispersibility, high transparency, need polar activator. 

3. Applications: 

Used in transparent paints, printing ink, cosmetics, sealant, nanometer composite material. 

25kg bags 
Delivery lead time 15 days after order confirmed 
Minimum order 1MT 
Supply ability 25000MT/Year