INKS > Easy disperse Organoclay Rheological Additive FRGEL®170

Easy disperse Organoclay Rheological Additive FRGEL®170

Super easy to disperse, wide applications, strong thickening capability, high transparence, no need for polar activator 

FRGEL®170 is an organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive . It is utilized in solvent based systems 
including low to inter mediate till higher polarity range of organic liquids, it is working as a thixotropic agent and thickener in paints, inks and adhesives . 

1.Typical Properties 

Composition: Organic derivative of bentonite 


Color: very light cream 

Form: Free flowing powder 

Loss on Ignition, (LOI)% : 37 Max 

Particle size at complete dispersion: 1um 

2. Advantages : 

Easy development of rheology , high gelling efficiency and non need polar activator,and enable post correct. It gives great plant flexibility and more efficiency and simplifies postcorrection of viscosity and sag. 

3. Applications: 

FRGEL 170 can be used in inks, paints ,sealant and adhesives, cosmetics andgrease. 

4. Incorporation 

FRGEL 170 easily disperses under low shear. FRGEL 170 does not require pre-gelling and can be added directly into the system, Use levels for FRGEL 170 depend on the requirements of system and the degree of viscosity development required, normally around 0.1-2.0% by total system weight.