NANOLIN DK ® nanoclay


NANOLIN DK ® series of nanoclay introduced by FCC INC are made from high purified smectite that exhibit ultra-fine phase dimensions. The size of NANOLIN DK ® series of nanoclay are typically in the range of 1-100 nm while been fully dispersed, the average fully dispersed thickness of platellite is around 25 nm; the aspect ratio is 100-1000 .


Specifications︰ By adding NANOLIN DK series of nanoclay into these different types of polymer. Experimental work on these materials has generally shown that                                      virtually all types and classes of nano-composites lead to new and improved properties such as increased stiffness, strength, and heat resistance,                                and decreased moisture absorption, flammability, and permeability, when compared to their micro- and macro-composite counterparts.                                                    Specifically, commerially available Nylon 6/clay nano-composite shows that the polymer matrix having layered clay minerals dispersed therein                                        exhibits improved mechanical strength, heat distortion temperature, and impermeability to gas and water .In order to prepare the polymer/clay                                          nano-composites, the purity of clays is required for the preparation of well dispersed silicate layered minerals in the polymer matrix. There are                                        several types of nanoclay produced by FCC 


Advantages︰ +Excellent color

                           +Excellent application performance