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powder coating FRGEL®125


FRGEL®125 is an organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive . It is a easier dispersing grade compare with conventional organoclay .It is utilized in solvent based systems including low and inter mediate polarity range of organic liquids. it is working as a thixotropic agent and thickener in paints inks and adhesives , also good for powder coating.



Typical Properties

Composition                                                  Organic derivative of  bentonite

Color                                                                very light Cream

Form                                                                                                Free flowing powder

Specific weight   g/cm3                                                                                      1.6

Moisture Content, %                                                                                       3.5 Max

Loss on Ignition, (LOI)%                                                             35 Max

Fineness, through No. 200 sieve  %                                                    98 min

Particle size at complete dispersion:                                                      1um